Italian Restaurants
in Andorra

Napoletani DOC, we decided to bring a real Italian, Mediterranean and Neapolitan cuisine, here in Andorra.

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Ingredienti pizza
Italian Pizza mozzarella pomodori freschi

Real Italian Kitchen

We only use products from our region and southern Italy. You will receive smells from cozy Mediterranean cuisine, fresh and genuine flavors in southern Italy and welcome that only in Naples you can find.

The kitchen:

The real Italian Kitchen in Andorra. Our ingredients come directly from the tasty Mediterranean lands to savor the authentic flavors of Neapolitan cuisine.

Some Specialty

Cannelloni Spinaci e Ricotta

Cannelloni Spinaci e Ricotta

Béchamel (Flour, Egg, Milk, Butter, Nutmeg), Ricotta, Spinach and Mozzarella

Bacala Bella Italia

Baccalà Bella Italia​

Cod, tomato, capers, black olives and parsley

Pizza di Pistacchio

Pizza al Pistacchio

Mozzarella, Burrata, Mortadela de Festuc, Pesto, Festuc and Alfàbrega